Lumera Eye Serum Review

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Using paraben free Lumera Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum products is safe skin care. Why is that? What is paraben? Why are parabens in skin care products and in some food? Read this article and it will change the way you think about what is in your skin care products.

Consequently, I purchased a Serious Skin care kit as a part of my Christmas gift from my husband. I have been using the products in the kit for over a month now and find that I love them all so far.

Every day you are bombarded daily with commercial messages and Beauty tips that attempt to lure you into believing that the most recent miracle drug is just what you need to fight off the ravages of Mother Nature.

They’re Skin care reveiw easy peeling. Areas of dry, scaly skin are replaced by the skin soft and supple. Toning and refining masks soften tired skin. The skin is refreshed and invigorated, and the pores appear smaller, so that a thinner skin. Nutritious masks and moisturizers can be moisturizing ingredients hydrate the skin soft and supple. Furthermore, reassure tired skin.

Most young women want to look their best with glowing faces for occasion like wedding parties, etc. Some women end up looking greasy with heavy make up, in their pursuit for a glowing face. Highlight the cheeks rather than the whole face- that is one good make up tip.

Lastly, try to make a healthy diet menu by including plenty of fruits and vegetables. Take plenty of good night sleep to prevent premature aging and its related problems. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep the body well hydrated. Stay away from fatty foods, fried foods, alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin problem that causes coin sized patches on the skin. Redness, cracking and itching are the common eczema skin problem.

Parabens have many names and come in various forms. A few names: butylparaben, isoparaben, methlyparaben, and so forth. Look at the label, if it says paraben, pass on it. What is the problem with parabens? Why should your Lumera Eye Serum be paraben free? Keep reading, the light gets brighter.

The one area I Beauty tips see many women making a huge mistake in dressing is size. If you wear a twenty, don’t try to squeeze into an eighteen. Just because they zip, doesn’t mean they fit!

The Label – Read it. If p-a-r-a-b-e-n appears leave the premises immediately. The store does Anti aging cream not have your best interests in mind or heart. Be careful though the product may not use the word paraben but still have parabens in it. Huh? Here’s how they do it. Fragrances are often listed as an ingredient. What does that mean? Not that it smells good. Companies are not required to say what is in a fragrance. So parabens may be hidden inside. So if paraben and/or fragrance is listed, walk away.

For more information about services and procedures, to read about the owner Lil Dyer-Cobbs, to view products available or view testimonials and videos, visit the website, CLICK HERE.

Green tea keeps you hydrated, as does water, but here’s the difference: Tea is brimming with good-for-you flavonoids. So fill a big thermos with green tea in the morning, and sip it all day — hot at first, over ice later, if you like. Start today, and continue drinking green tea every day for the rest of the week.

Where to Buy?

Grab your exclusive package of Lumera from its official website.


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